here's why the guru is awesome!

Programs can be full of bells and whistles that you will never use, like the 38 cup holders in my Honda Odyssey. It sounded cool when I bought it but after 5 years I have only used 2 of them. While our software should be priced higher our philosophy is, make it very effective, as simple as possible and affordable for the masses.

very effective

See for yourself, download the trial version and discover how many leads you can find. We have tested it against a number of scrapers and the Guru discovers as many as 400% more leads. The technology also makes sure the data is clean.

simple as possible

We have used a lot of scrapers and they are good... but... they can be hard to figure out or require your personal attention to work properly. The Guru is as simple as 3 steps to use and get fantastic results.


During our beta testing it was recommended that we charge at least $297! That is not our philosophy and it was decided we would make it affordable to the masses knowing there are marketers all over the world that need this tool.


the guru's awesome features


mac and windows compatible

We are very happy to say that Mac users don't have to be left out in the cold. This may not seem important to window users but a lot of programs are still windows only. We know how important it is for a Mac user to be able to use a tool like this and have made sure you can get all the power of the Guru.

super easy to use

You literally type one or more keywords and click start. That is no exaggeration. We provide tutorial videos to walk you through using the Guru to be more targeted in your marketing. You will be able to target countries, companies, companies in countries and just about anything you can think of, cool, right?

uses few computer resources

A lot of scrapers slow down your entire computer because of the poorly written code. Many people stop using them as a result of getting so frustrated by not being able to open a browser window at the same time. The Guru code is clean and efficient making it hardly noticeable when you are trying to use your computer for other things at the same time.

easy lead exporting

Click one button when the program is done processing your keyword(s) and save the universally recognized CSV file to your computer. This CSV file will be easy to use with any email service.

targeting filters

You can add up to 50,000 email providers or remove them depending on the data you desire to obtain. There is also a disallow keyword filter so you can prevent getting emails that you don't want. This allows you to do serious targeting for lead demographics that you desire. Tutorial videos are available to walk you through using the program in a more advanced method.


While there are a couple steps you have to do manually, most of the work is done automatically by the Guru. This saves you time to do the things you want or need to do. Time is money and the Guru will virtually put money in your pocket every time you start it up and put it to work for you.

query Delay

Use a simple drop down menu to determine how many seconds you want the Guru to pause before it continues to work. The easiest is to leave the delay set to random so it works naturally.

proxies (not required)

We have included proxy integration for free or paid proxies. This is an optional setting and is not required to get lots of benefits from the Guru.

deathbyCAptcha (not required)

You can use DeathByCaptcha for those instances when you are doing a lot of work and you need to answer a human verification question to continue working. It is best to use proxies at the same time.


questions, comments or concerns?

If you have anything you would like to ask please create a ticket by clicking here.

If you are ready to start building a lead list to convert to sales and ultimately increase your bottom line then order the Guru Lead Crusher today and Crush your competition.

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