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Bill, United states

"I've made lots of money online and scrapers have been an important part of my marketing blueprint. The Guru Lead Crusher is by far the best in it's category of online marketing tools. I would not want to be without it. I look forward to Ampboy Marketing's other tools."

karen, canada

"I am not techically inclined and infact learning new programs is not something i even like to spend time on! I am happy to say that learning the Guru program was painless. I know anyone can learn it and use it with the same amazing results."


jeff, united states

"I highly recommend this lead scraper to anybody, but especially for those that are not so much in to all the bells and whistles but are interested in a quality, inexpensive push button solution. Highly recommend!!!"


godwin, nigeria

"This program, 'Guru Lead Crusher,' is awesome. I have never seen a program harvest so many contacts so speedily. It takes away the hassles of trying to find contacts the other way round. Guru Lead Crusher crushes out any stress. This is my best ever."


scott, united states

"I have been in the online marketing business for a few years now and have tried just about every scraper out there. All I can say is the Guru Lead Crusher rocks and leaves all other scapers in the dust!"

Lauren, canada

"As someone who is just starting to grow my business online, guru list buster has been the perfect tool to get amazing leads from all over the globe. It has allowed me to expand my network exponentially, letting me find the perfect foundation of people to thrive in business. By using specific key word searches I can find potential clients and customers who have already shown interest and knowledge about what I am offering, maximizing the true business potential. I am excited to see how I can grow professionally as my network expands with each day."


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