the guru makes lead scraping so easy my 6 year old can do it

True, my six-year old daughter wanted to earn money and so I showed her how to use the Guru Lead Crusher and now she gets paid for every thousand emails she gathers for the company. You will love the Guru once you start using it.

Don't like to read and would rather watch a video?

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determine your target

This is not rocket science. You decide what country, company, market or combination of details you are targeting to find potential leads.


type in the keyword(s)

Decide what keyword(s) best describes your target market and type them into the box. Want to do a lot at once? You can enter as many as 50,000 keywords.



determine which emails

Don't change any settings or set the filters to collect emails from one email provider or many. This can be used to further isolate a country or other subset.


Click start

Now you simply click the start button and go get a cup of coffee or walk the dog and when you come back you will most likely have thousands of emails.




Now you simply click export and save the list of emails to your computer. The Guru saves them as a csv file for easy importantion into many email programs.


Now you can contact these leads.


You will literally have thousands of emails in minutes

A lot of programs are complicated and require a learning curve but the Guru Lead Crusher really is as simple as we say it is. Just get the trial version and see for yourself how powerful this will be for your own personal marketing of products, services or other opportunities.

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